Sharon Benitez

Hello My Name Is...

<Señora Benitez>

<Welcome to Spanish Class!!

I am so excited to be a part of C.E.S.!  My husband, teen son, and I have just moved back to Connecticut after four years in Florida. We have an adult daughter also living here in CT, and another in Arizona. Besides having taught grades K-2 as a regular classroom teacher, much of my teaching career has been in teaching languages...teaching Spanish to English speakers, and English to children who speak other languages. I spent two years living and teaching in Bolivia and gained much of my Spanish fluency from that experience, and from spending time with my extended family.

I believe that the best way to learn a language is to jump in and do it! Along those lines, your children will be learning Spanish through games, songs, role play, hands-on activities, and interactive viewing of a wonderful video series called Salsa. Becoming proficient in a language requires regular practice; to help you help your children, I will be providing you with links and easy, fun activities that you can implement at home. You don't need to know Spanish yourself; you can even learn right along with your child if you want!